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German Red Wines

February 21st, 2008

German Red WineGermany is a country that is known for its robust foods and hearty beer selections. However, one should not discount Germany with regard to wine selection. Whether one is interested in drinking red or white wine, there is sure to be a German wine which is perfect for that individual. The following article will highlight some of the popular German red wines which attract many individual wine drinkers.


Spätburgunder is a popular type of German red wine which is similar in nature to the Pinot Noir of other wine countries. This red wine comes from the grape of the same name and is one of the most frequently harvested types of red grape throughout Germany. It is a wine that can be paired with foods that are similar to Pinot Noir pairings such as duck, lamb, pastas and meat entrees.


Another highly sought after red wine from Germany is Lemberger. This wine variety is a strong red wine with a wonderful aroma to it. This type of red wine is best with poultry, pork, lamb and various cheeses. It is also a nice accompaniment to certain desserts. One who likes to keep their wine in the cellar for a while will appreciate the overall longevity of Lemberger.


Muskattrollinger is another favored red wine from the German region. If one is looking for the perfect red wine to pair with appetizers and desserts, Muskattrollinger is a wise choice. This red wine has a lovely fruit essence which is a wonderful way to begin or complete the meal.


If a wine enthusiast is interested in drinking a German red wine that contains a full body and bold aroma, then Dornfelder is the wine to choose. This wine is derived from grapes which tend to ripen early on in the season. Due to its bold taste, one is best to pair this type of wine with foods that can hold their own in combination with this German red wine.


The German red wine selection which one will come across while visiting this region or even shopping in their local specialty wine shop is sure to impress individuals as being quite expansive. It is important to not discount the German wine region as it has a lot to offer in the way of wine selections. It can arguably be stated that one who samples the German region wine is sure to return for more fine wine experiences in the future. The best way to determine which German red wine is right for you is to sample a new selection each time you head to the wine store and narrow down the results to your top favorite items.


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